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If you travel outside of Japan again at any point in the future, it much easier to get American credit cards without foreign transaction fees than Japanese cards. What happens is the person can shed skin cells unto one surface than not have any more to shed when they touch the very next surface. Anyone willing to pay a premium just because she was once owned by royalty may get their money back but there are Rustlers available in just as good nick for an awful lot less.”The yacht will come with a bill of sale signed by the princess and her husband to prove its pedigree.And below decks, among the polished teak and blue velour, is a brass plaque detailing the boat’s royal links.The yard selling the boat have been quick to highlight its royal connections in ads.Rustler Yachts, of Falmouth, Cornwall, who are building Anne’s new boat, said: “The world famous R36 ‘Blue Doublet’ owned by HRH The Princess Royal and Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence from new is looking for a new home.”The yacht will transfer to her new owner with a signed bill of sale from the royal couple.”Beautifully cared for and professionally maintained, the name ‘Blue Doublet’ will pass to her new owner.”She is currently ashore at the Rustler factory and has just undergone the usual treatment to show her at her best.”The boat was built in Falmouth in 1992 and named Blue Doublet in honour of Princess Anne’s horse Doublet on which she won the European Eventing Championship in 1971.The yacht has been a regular feature off the west coast of Scotland for years and was moored at Ardfern, south of Oban.The princess and her husband are well known to the yachting fraternity cruising around the Small Isles and the Outer Hebrides..

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